In Spot Cargo, find nearest cargo for oil products transport without waiting time and wasting time.

More Income

Spot Cargo guarantees to drivers have loading again after cargo discharge and don’t leave destination without cargo.

View path

The other features of this application is see online on the map, exact location of loading place and cargo discharge.

Decrease Waiting Time

With install Spot Cargo, in the shortest time and wherever you are, you can get cargoes around yourself.

Delay Announcement

When Drivers get into trouble on the way, they can easily register delay reason and delay time in application.

View Cargo Details

Spot Cargo has provided that you can view cargo details in application and call to support unit.


Spot Cargo has provided this feature to drivers that online check his account and follow up his deposits.

Variation in Choosing Cargoes

Spot Cargo Drivers can view registered cargoes in application and choosing intended cargo based on type of cargo and carrying time, or if he would like to loading, touch the button of ready to loading to receive cargoes around himself.

Registered the Travel Steps

The driver can cause to build trust in the owner of cargo at every step by register completed his activity, and get into the payroll process faster by send photo of transit and contract.

Are you ready to get started?

At the present time you can get this application free.

Download the application from here. Download the application from Bazar Web App

Organizational Panel

Cargo owners can by using the panel register his cargo by selecting the number of required vehicle, days of loading, and also customization the price per day to achieve the destination in shortest time and safely.

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Massively Drivers Around the World

With spot system can access to many drivers everywhere in the world.

Intercept the Moment of Cargo

Submit your cargoes wherever you are and observe to destination.

Cargo Registration in Asia and Europe

After cargo registration, your cargo is shown in drivers application and driver accept your cargo if desired.